Can someone tell me about the RNABC

  1. I am a nursing student in British Columbia and am looking for someone out there to tell me what the RNABC has to offer me. I am aware that they set the standards of practice, but what can they do for me. What benefit can I receive from being directly or indirectly involved with them. Also if anyone has any reseason why involvement would not be beneficial I would be interested to hear those stories as well.
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  3. by   HemovacStew
    I assume that RNABC is the "governing" body of nursing where you are from? I'm really not such an expert about political stuff, but let's you said, such associations do set standards for practice in the (province?) you work in. They also advocate for RNs, and address issues that relate to practicing nurses. If all practicing nurses within your province have to be a member, then it helps regulate nursing practice and ensures that nurses remain competant and up-to-date with their skills and knowledge...

    So how can that help you?

    Being directly involved in these organizations, you will be up-to-date on the issues facing nurses, and will always "be in the know" when it comes to the activities of the association. It will also give you a chance to speak up on behalf of yourself and your colleagues. You can address concerns first hand and hopefully recieve some answers. You may even have access to workshops or courses that help further your knowledge.

    Hope this helps.