Hi, my name is Michelle and Im a nursing student. Im feeling very frustrated right now because Im doing my med-surg clinical rotation and I absolutly despise everything about it. Im very worried... Read More

  1. by   cara
    Hey! I am a nursing student now at the Medical College of Georgia. I have not started my clinicals yet - but they begin on Wednesday (8/30). I have had several friends graduate from nursing school here. On the first day of class a teacher came in and told us of her first day at clinicals. To make a long story short, she walked in and fed her patient. She left to ask her instructor what to do next, and she went back in her room and her patient had died. Later on, while removing the patient from the room, (as you know your bowle muscles relax right after you die) my teacher got pretty dirty. Needless to say, her clinical experience was one that made her want to quit then. Obviously she stayed in there and is now loving every minute of (maybe not every minute). I think you should stick in there, if you think you want to change your mind you need to do so soon. Who knows, this may be the best job you have ever had. You never know still you try it.