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  1. I need advice on what to do since I do not handle office politics well. One night a CNA witnessed verbal abuse of a rsd in our LTC by another CNA. The witness did not report this to anyone the night it happened. Second night, again the witness still didn't report the abuse. Third night she reports it to me. The witness begged me not to tell anyone cuz she didn't want to "rat" on the other CNA. I encouraged her to make an anonomyous (sp?) report. The next day my DNS calls me at home. I tell her "Oh good, I'm glad you called because I wanted to discuss this aide/abuse incident w/ you." She tells me to come to the facility to discuss this. I do. I tell her everything. She gives me a written, not verbal warning, and does not write the CNA up that witnessed the abuse. No verbal or anything. The CNA that was guilty of abuse was terminated. I was the charge nurse the night the actual incident took place but was not informed of it until 3 days later. I didn't report it the night I was told because I didn't know how to handle the situation because it happened 3 days prior but was going to call my DNS the next day. Do I ask my DNS why the witness wasn't written up when she didn't report it when it happened? I am confused why my punishment was harsh and there was no punishment for the CNA that failed to report the abuse in a timely manner. My DNS knows I wasn't informed until 3 days later. She asked the aide why she told me instead of her charge nurse the night she decided to report it. The aide said she wanted to talk to a nurse she trusted. What do I do? Let it go? Talk to my DNS? Talk to admin (who is a really nice guy)? I am new to the company but have already been singled out from admin for my good work and leadership skills. I want to keep my good reputation w/ this company because I truly love working there. I am sooo upset I can't sleep. Need advice!
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    You don't have to be a DNS to give me an opinion here guys!
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    Ask your DNS. Did she explain how you were expected to handle it? If not, ask her how she would handle it. Make sure she knows you did not witness the abuse. You only heard about it 2nd hand and did not have an opportunity to address it before you were called to her office.
    This doesn't seem fair. The other CNA has a duty to her profession and her patients not to let abuse take place. Aren't we all supposed to be patient advocates? Is it not our responsibility to protect those in our care? If my family was being abused and someone knew it and yet didn't do anything I'd be pressing charges against them as well as the abuser.