Calling all direct-entry acute adult NPs!

  1. I have been luckily admitted into a direct-entry nursing program that combines a BSN and MSN and being super excited, I looked to to support my excitement! Unfortunately, I have only found negativity and unhelpful knowledge when others have posted about hesitations with accelerated BSN/MSN programs.

    This is a post specifically aimed for graduates of direct entry BSN/MSN combined programs that chose the adult acute care specialty. How was it transitioning from clinicals to your first job? Was it hard finding a job and did employers think you would be under-qualified compared to RNs with years of experience that had become NPs?

    The program I have been accepted to does not allow students to work in between their BSN and MSN portions as others do. So, I'm worried that although it's an accelerated program, it may put me at a disadvantage come graduation.

    I worked as a CNA on the burns, trauma, and plastics floor and because the RNs knew I wanted to do more, they let me help do burn dressings, and other tasks giving me a bit more experience than others. Obviously, I wasn't allowed to do more than my job entailed, but this definitely helped me to get a little bit more experience which was great.

    Any and all advice would be much appreciated! It would be great to hear from adult acute NPs that graduated from a direct-entry program so I know what my future may entail!

    Thanks in advance!!
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