Boston Globe: "Staffing Meltdown"

  1. Interesting article.

    Nora Watts a nurse said, "2001 may be the year the line got drawn in the sand and nurses are just saying, "They won't do this to me or I'll quit."

    I hope so! It's up to each of us to draw the line!


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    Below are some ways that nurse across the nation can show solidarity with the Brockton Nurses on strike.

    I like the green ribbon on the antenna. Why not adopt it nationwide? Simple, easy, inexpensive. A few hundred thousand might actually get noticed! People might start asking "what's that green ribbon I've been seeing all over town mean?" Then of course you can enlighten them

    -----Original Message----- From: David Schildmeier Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2001 2:56 PM To: David Schildmeier Subject: What You Can Do To Support the Brockton Hospital Nurses What the Community Can Do To Support the Brockton Hospital Nurses

    The Brockton Hospital nurses are very grateful for all the tremendous support and encouragement we have received from the community, not only in Brockton, but from the general public throughout the Commonwealth and from throughout the nation.

    It is clear that the public understands that the issues we are fighting for - safe patient care and safe working conditions - are their issues as well. The nurses are seeking a commitment by this hospital to hire and retain the staff needed to take care of patients safely, without forcing nurses to work overtime when they are too fatigued or ill to provide safe nursing care.

    Many have asked what they can do to support the nurses. Here are some suggestions:

    * Call, fax or email Brockton Hospital CEO Norman Goodman. Tell him you support the nurses and its stand in these contract negotiations. Tell him to get back to the table and settle this contract NOW. Phone # 508-941-7002; Fax # 508-941-6100; Email

    * Call, fax Brockton Hospital Board of Trustees Chairman Fred C. Petti. He has refused to meet with the nurses to discuss their concerns. Tell him you support the nurses and its stand in these negotiations and urge him to allow a settlement of this contract. Phone # 508-565-1040; Fax # 508-565-1500; Email

    * Join the nurses on the picket line. Call the Brockton Nurses' strike office at 508-427-5833 to find out where and when you are most needed. If possible, organize groups of friends and colleagues to picket in large numbers.

    * Donate (and make checks payable) to the Brockton Hospital Nurses Strike Fund; mail them to Brockton Hospital Nurses' Strike Office, 707a Centre St., Brockton, MA 02302.

    * Tie a green ribbon around the old oak tree. People are wearing green ribbons (the color of Brockton Hospital) and/or tying green ribbons around car antennas, trees and poles outside their homes and businesses in support of the Brockton Hospital Nurses.

    * Organize an event or activity to draw attention to the nurses' plight. Groups are encouraged to organize events, demonstrations and other activities to support the nurses. However, call the strike office to find out what else is being planned to ensure your event does not conflict with other activities.

    * Bring food and beverages to the nurses on the strike line. For information, updates on activities, information on the strike, or directions to the strike headquarters and picket locations, visit the MNA Web site at

    What the Community Can Do.doc>> David Schildmeier Director of Public Communications Massachusetts Nurses Association 800-882-2056 x717 (Within Mass. only) 781-830-5717 781-821-4445 781-249-0430 (cell phone) 508-426-1655 (pager) Thanks Guys !!!

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    Great article PeggyOhio! Hits the nail right on the head. I like what she said about nurses carrying too much of the burden of a failing healthcare system. I feel that nurses have been terribly exploited!

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