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The "official definition" of Binge drinking is 5 drinks in a row for men and 4 drinks in a row (during a single drinking session) for a woman. Some people think that this "over identifies" problem... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    hey micro - you have introduced a new expression into my vocabulary [BACKBITING]
    What does it mean to bite someones back? Aren't backs flat? How do you do that? I know its just a figure of speech, but what does it mean. Can you use "back bite" in a sentence.
    thanks, Mario the Curious
  2. by   micro
    TO BITE THE BACK-----------------

    Are you bored, are you feeling b*****y, then wait and then in group start nibbling on someone's back( or reputation), not big bites, just little nibbles. Just a little chomp and then a nibble, it is fun when done in groups.........Doesn't hurt the biter, but the bitten on, get slowly "bitten down"


    I am intrigued now with the slang usages that I usage...........

    I have been back bitten and it aches and stings..............

    Would love the learn the origin of the slang usage/phrase of backbiting.

    micro:stone :stone :stone