best way to review info to re-enter nursing

  1. After 8 years doing something completely different, I will have my RN license reinstated as of this July. While in school I worked as a CNA and LPN in nursing homes and with staffing agencies..I did a little bit of work as a hospice nurse (and loved it).

    Am not sure if I want to pursue the same area of nursing right now but with jobs being tough to find, am thinking it may be best to go back into what I know , and did before, and work for a while before considering a different area.

    What is the best way to prepare again? My state does not require a refresher course but I'm considering taking an online refresher on my own..has anyone found these are helpful when you have taken time off or would time be better spent reviewing different things? I was thinking it would be a good idea to review lab values, nurses notes (structure), some terminology and abbreviations I haven't used in many years, drugs/medications, work thru some math/medication problems, that kind of thing.

    There is a staffing agency in my area willing to hire me back to do mostly LPN work (since most of their assignments are nursing homes and they have more need for medication nurses right now). I will have my RN license but again right now I do not mind working and gaining experience and confidence again before moving on. I worked about a year and a half as a medication nurse at various nursing homes and felt fairly confident by the time I graduated and tested for my RN license. After graduation I went straight into hospice.

    thanks for any feedback
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  3. by   linda1959
    I think a refresher course of some sort might be a good idea. Also consider independent Continuing Ed. units that reflect the subjects you want to review (i.e. has 1 CE units in MANy topics). Very cost effective and you can tailor the courses.

    The reason I think something "official" that you can actually generate a certificate for and have doumentation for will look better on a future resume or interview than doing a general review yourself.

    Good Luck as you reenter . . . just did it myself 3 months ago!
  4. by   thekid
    thank you and congratulations, I will check out the site you mentioned