Best travel nursing companies to work for??/

  1. I am an ICU RN from TN, looking to start travelling...need recs for the best companies. I am looking for good pay, benefits, and overall good experience...need suggestions. I have heard good things about faststaf??
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  3. by   cvryder
    Go visit the Travel Nurse forum here, or the ones on'll hear plenty about all kinds of agencies. Travel nursing depends a lot on your recruiter, not just your company. Some pretty good companies have the occasional awful recruiter.

    That said, I've worked mostly for On Assignment and a couple of times for TNS. On Assignment had generally better positions and their housing is almost always really good. My recruiter calls me every week and listens to me when I call her. TNS might pay a little better, but I am not as happy with their positions, though I am fond of my recruiter. I won't go with Fastaff partly because they do strike nursing which I don't do as a matter of principle, and partly because I've always heard they work you to death in some pretty rough places.
  4. by   chakranurse
    I am with American Mobile out of San Diego and I love my recruiter. She is always available to talk and listen. They have done me right. They have been generous. I hear a lot of people say they aren't good but I disagree. Having a good recruiter is the first step. If you "click" with someone you know it.