Best Nursing School EVER :-)

  1. Well, I jut don't thing there exists one yet!

    However, what would you want your nursing school to have if you won the lotto and this was your all time dream. Would you have low stress part - time curriculum with small classes and a lot of one on one with instructors?
    Would you hire the best nursing teaching staff and pay what they're really worth?

    I would have a school that loved alternative medicine over traditional; spiritual over psychological; with required time spent pursuing fitness and building relationships rather than study study and more study! Stress nurses as educaters over anything else. Have internet chat rooms especially set up twenty four 7 for students to network at anytime.

    Especially have a class set up where students were taught how the Physician is educated, so that we as nurses would gain an appreciation of our most relied upon asset outside of the nursing staff. Understand what they look at before they write an order. Teach that to work as a team with the Physician is top priority.

    Anyway, this is only a dream...reality is a joint venture!
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