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I'm new to nursing and have been thinking alot about all of the various and numerous career options in nursing. In your opinion, what is the best nursing job and why? On a scale of 1-10, how do you... Read More

  1. by   TGreen
    I am currently an RN in Diagnostic Imaging and I love it. I worked CCU and ER for years and have been in DI for one year and I can't imagine going back to the floor or ER. In DI at my hospital we have many responsibilities. We insert PICC lines, assist with biopsies CT or US guided, assist with paras, thoras. Our DI does arteriograms which is very similer to heart caths but we look at every other vessel in the body such as lower extrem, kidneys, illiacs, carotids, etc. The DI nurses also assist with the CT angios. plus numerous other procedures. We work 4 10 hour shifts with weekends and holidays off. We rotate weekend call about every fourth weekend. The great thing is we care for 1 patient at a time. there may be four nurses in four different procedures but your patient in your procedure gets your full attention until you send them home or back to the floor. Occasional stress on busy days but much different than ccu or er stress. We work from a procedure board so you don't leave until all procedures are completed. Some days you may be out at 1630 and others not untill 7-8 or later. All in all I feel blessed to have the amazing job that i do.