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  1. I graduated from nursing school in 1976 and have continuiously worked as a nurse, mostly in administration in a community mental health clinic. I will retire soon and want to do some actual nursing again. While my license (California) is current, I believe I would be dangerous if just thrown into bedside nursing. Checking with local hospitals they seem more intent on getting work done rather than providing educational updates. So, I need to do some work on my own.

    My question is what is the most helpful basic medical/surgical text that will give me the most comprehensive information? Also, which pharmacy text would you recommend? Thanks
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  3. by   destiny5
    I would suggest that you visit your local colleges bookstores. That way you can skim through the books and decide which one(s) you like the best. That way you know you are getting up to date information. I would further suggest that you write the author, title, and publisher down & try to purchase a copy online----College bookstores are rip-offs!!!