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  1. Hi everyone,

    I will be graduating with an RN in June and intend to work in the city I live in for a year after I graduate, to give my oldest son a chance to finish his senior year. Then I want to move away somewhere ( not sure where yet) . What I would like to know is what opinions everyone has on what area of the hospital to apply for a job that will give me the best experience during that year and would be the best in helping me find another job somewhere else when I do move. I've liked L and D the most of all the rotaions I have had yet but know that this is a very specialized area that I might have trouble transitioning from when I move plus it is such a high demand area in many places that jobs are hard to find.

    I am considering SICU because ICU experience seems to be pretty valuable even if you end up in another area. Plus the fact that I only want to stay here another year past graduation, so I wouldn't have much on my resume when I start to apply for jobs elsewhere. I know I would learn a lot in an ICU area. But would med/surg give me a broader experience? Or does it make any difference whatsoever? After all I would be moving with only one year of actual nursing work behind me.

    I'm having a hard time with this because right now I feel that making the wrong choice could affect my hiring potential after I move. Plus I know that others in my class are already starting to apply for jobs and I don't want to get left behind. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   RN ColbyJack
    I remember how overwhelmed I felt about chosing my first nursing job. It really can feel all consuming. Having said that, I want to reassure you that at this point you really can't make a wrong choice. That's the wonderful thing about nursing right now is that there are so many opportunities. A year on the job will give you good experience, period. My suggestion would be to find something that interests you, really listen to your gut on this one. Even if you choose something entirely different after this first job, you'll have learned much and gotten the confidence you'll need to adapt to whatever is next on your path. Good luck and be light of heart!