Balancing work and young children

  1. I am 31 years old. So far I have two children 3yrs boy & 5 mos girl. My current job is 10 min away and I do 2-10hr shifts/week from 2pm to MN. It's a great set up b/c I am home with my kids every morning and I can even drop my son @ preschool. Ever since I started this job I have been contemplating leaving but the money and the convience keeps winning. In my current position I am not using alot of my skills and I don't find any fulfillment. BUT my family is most important and this seems best for them. I am contemplating returning to an ICU setting but the 12 hour shifts make me question my decision. If I work nights -Even though I'll be home during the dayI'll be tired during my days off, it ususally takes me two days to recover. If I work days-I won't see my kids and most likely have to endure TRAFFIC. I don't know of any ICU (Peds) that does evening shift ?How do/did some of you balance children and work without feeling like you are neglecting your family? I often feel selfish because I long for job satisfaction which winds up being @ the expense of my children.
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