Back to work!

  1. I am new to this board... but it seems like there is much support here and I am wondering if there is anyone else out there who has recently gone back to nursing after being out and feeling very overwhelmed as I do. Or someone who has ever gone through this.

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  3. by   cjp
    I took a lot of time off many years ago when I had my babies. When I went back to the job, which at that time was maternity, everything had changed. Mom's stayed only a short time, 2 days at the most and infant care was taught on the fly. Boy did I feel out of it! But in my heart I knew I knew how to be a nurse and the other "stuff" I learned along the way. Yes you will feel overwhelmed but it all comes back.
    Good luck to you in what ever you are doing You'll be fine once you find yourself and your confidence again.