Aussie unsure of US initials

  1. G'day, I'm new to nursing, very new only been studying for six months. Joined this site and enjoying it. My problem is the different terms and initials used. Could someone let me know what they mean or let me know a site that has them.
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  3. by   aimeee
    Look above and click on the glossary button, then the letter of whatever term it is you are unsure about. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, then give a holler here and I am sure somebody will know.
  4. by   roden58
    Thank you, aimeee. xx
  5. by   Agnus
    Phew! There's a mess of em. And some of them we don't know ourselves. It would be tough to come up with a comprehensive list. "When you see one you don't know just pop in and ask. We will be glad to answer. I'll try and answer a few here that you may be wondering about.

    UAP- unlicensed assistive personal (anybody who is not a licenses nurse that assists in some way)

    CNA- Certified Nursing Assistant (someone who has passed a 150 hr. course in personal care and has been tested by the state. She/he does bathing, vital signs, weights, is the eyes and ears or the licensed nurse. She is there to assist the patient in personal care and the nurse in basic things so that she can carrier out more complex duties)

    NA- Nurse's Aide is same as above but has not been tested by the state.

    MA-medical assistant (she has usually had 6 -12 mo training to work in a doctor's office)

    BSN- a registered nurse with a Bachelor in Nursing Degree

    MSN-same as above with a Masters degree
    ADN- same with associates

    LPN and LVN- Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse (different states use one or the other title)

    NPA- Nurse practice act. The Laws under wich we practice.

    This should get you started. Please ask away we'll be happy to fill you in. It has gotten so we don't speak in words anymore, only letters.
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  6. by   Agnus
    here I go again. Responding before I read the whole thread. (It's 4 a. m. and not awake yet) Glossary! Hey I neve saw that before. Thanks aimeee.
  7. by   roden58
    Thanks Agnus, this helps me relate your terms with mine (aussie)
    A CNA is the PCA here. I am starting to understand.