ATTN: Support H.R. 5179 !! NOT H.R. 1289 to ban MOT

  1. I must correct some confusion I caused re: H.B. 5179 and 1289.

    H.R. 5179 was propose 9/2000 by Rep. Tom Lantos of California to, "amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to limit the number of overtime hours of licensed health care employees".

    Apparently when this bill was proposed in 2000 in the 106th Congress it was numbered 5179. Then with the coming of the 107th Congress it was renumbered 1289. I was unaware that had occcured.

    So as of now the correct bill to support is H.R. 1289. Let's hope it doesn't get renumbered again!

    I urge all nurse to write to Rep. Lantos and thank him and support him. His website is
    Tom Lantos

    I also urge all nurses to write to their own state Rep. and ask them to support H.R. 1289
    Also encourage all your friends and relatives to do the same. Community support is vital.

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