Attitudes; good, bady and ugly

  1. Hi everyone. Been working in LTC now for 5-ish years. Been an RN for 20 years. Currently at a facility that is 'rehab' centered and their stays are not permanent. I really enjoy the LTC settings and having the ability to developing the closer professional personal relationships. My problem is dealing with co-workers and can't tune out the negativity. Over the years I suppose I have developed a strong distrust in people's intentions in this field, have seen way to many people lose their jobs over personality conflicts, the squeaky wheel wins 9/10 times, slackers allowed to be slackers, the other typical baggage that includes just plain mean actions. Apologies for being vague not wanting to type a book but what I am asking is how on earth do people tune out the chatter enough to hear so you are not blindsided and at the same time aren't sucked into the drama. New job isn't the answer, in my area staff drama is common and current place is actually an improvment from previous. Could talk to managment, but they gossip freely with the offenders. Sure I can and have expressed my thoughts of their actions, but then I'm 'in a bad mood'. I'm not in a bad mood, I just don't want to hear the BS if there isn't a problem solving aspect to it. I'm there to work and care for these people.

    I don't want to hate nursing but I am becoming so miserable and emotionally drained. Has anyone experienced these feelings and suggestions to overcome?
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