Artifical nails and Infections

  1. I know many hospitals have banned or are in the process of banning artifical nails.
    If you work for a hospital that has banned them for awhile, can you please find out if your rates of infection have dropped? I'm doing a college project on this subject but cannot find any after the fact studies to show banning the nails has made a difference.
    (If there are any studies you know of, I'd love to see them too!)
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  3. by   NurseStacey143

    There are some good reports on here. Good luck on your paper.
  4. by   SandyB

    for anyone interested in someone who doesn't think banning the artifical nails is necessary.
    Thanks NurseStacey143- I actually called UCSF and spoke with the infection control nurse....she is super nice and very helpful!