1. Greetings to you all! I am a 2lt army rn from greece and i am doing a research about the nurse officers of the us
    my basic questions are:
    1)how many ways there are to become a nurse officer
    2)which are the basic duties beside the clinical part
    3)differences from civilian nurses (rn)
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  3. by   mmanzella18

    I am not yet in the military, but I am married to an Air Force recruiter and am currently going through the process to commission in as a 2Lt in the USAF. I cannot speak on behalf of the US Army, if that is your interest, but I can tell you that the Air Force requires you to be a US citizen if you are not already, and that you must have a bachelors of science in nursing.

    1. From what I have been told, you must have a bachelors of science in nursing. If you obtained your nursing degree in Greece, you will have to speak with recruiter to get the details on what is accepted. There are two options, the NTP (nurse transition program) for nurses with <1 year of experience or theres the route for nurses to direct commission into their specialty- >1 year experience. COT or commissioned officer training school is 5 weeks long.

    2. I cannot speak on behalf of your questions 2 or 3 as I am not yet active duty. I know a lot about the process because I am currently going through it, so let me know if you have any questions on the process.
  4. by   alexidis
    Dear mmanzella!
    Thank you for your information.
    The fact is that iam collecting information not to apply for army nurse (am already 2nd LT NURSE here in Greece) i just want to write an article and compare the army nurse corps of Greece and US
    1)In Greece there is only one military college to become nurse officer
    2)nurse officers beside the clinical duties can also stationed in offices of the army participate in missions abroad etc
  5. by   mmanzella18
    Oh I see, well I know for us there is a nurse crop in the Air Force and the Navy and I believe the Army has a school too? I know the Marine Corp does not. So thats at least 3 different routes you could take to become a nurse here in the military. If they approve your nursing degree, then you join one of the above branches as a nurse and go through training for that particular branch. So, if you are like me and want to do the Air Force, you join as a nurse and then go through the training called Commissioned Officer Training (you can google it and get some good info). And then I believe you get transferred to the base to do your clinical stuff.

    I know that nurses can be deployed, so you may have to get deployed to war zones and work as a nurse. Not sure how all of that works, you should call a recruiter!