Applying for Licensure in California

  1. Hello All! This is my first time posting. Thank you in advance for any help offered.

    So far just need help with my California BRN application. We are supposed to send a transcript request to schools where GE and pre-requisite courses were taken using the Request for Transcript form from the application. Problem is that some schools have systems of request and payment that are all done online--rendering the use of the request form from the BRN as unnecessary. Has anyone had to go through this? Would it be acceptable if i just skipped using the form and just requested official transcripts from the respective schools to be sent directly to the BRN address?

    Please help. I would like to get this squared away so I can get my app. submitted on time.

    Thanks again!
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  3. by   cm21
    I spoke with the head of the registrar at my nursing school as I just recently sent in my BRN application, and she said that to get into the nursing school, you had had to have sent in your transcripts from any other school to the nursing school. So the nursing school has all your information and will send all your nursing school and previous work on your final transcript to the board. I'd contact your registrar and just double check that they have transcripts from any and all other coursework that wasn't completed at your nursing school. Hope that helps!

    P.S. Also, you can send in a self-addressed stamped index card and send it in to the BRN with your application and they will stamp the other side of it saying the date they received your application so you're not freakin out if they received it or not.
  4. by   valevilo
    I read somewhere not to rely on the nursing school to provide the transcripts and that official transcripts from the schools where pre-requisites and GE courses were taken need to be sent directly from those respective schools.

    Also, my question was regarding whether I need to use the provided request form from the BRN application for each school or merely request directly from the schools through whatever setup they have (some electronically requested and billed, some requiring their own forms).

    My school is notorious for not having their files organized and I do not trust them to do the job that I pay them so much per unit to do.

    Thanks again for any feedback!
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    is california non-graduates same as international graduate? i dont know if i need to fill-up that part. im not from california or any part of u.s.
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    also my primary language is not english but i live in canada for 10 years where english is spoken. my question is should i put my primary language or english?