Anyone work on a lung/liver transplant unit?

  1. I'm a new grad and landed my first job on a liver/lung transplant unit. Any tips? I will have 10 weeks orientation. The closer I get to my start date, the more nervous I become. lol I did get to shadow for 3 hours, I asked as many questions as I could but OMG it was total chaos on the unit with so many Teams walking through. ratio is 3-4:1.
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  3. by   TeeRN2b one?
  4. by   mrswrightnow
    Hey, I do! I am still in nursing school but I work at HUP on a transplant unit. How is it going?? Any questions?
  5. by   TeeRN2b
    Small world. I'll be starting on silver 11 in a few weeks and just wanted to touch base with seasoned nurses about the population!!
  6. by   mrswrightnow
    Right!! That floor isn't too bad, I will be going per diem to finish up my last semester so I am being moved to Ravdin. What shift are you on?
  7. by   TeeRN2b
    I only have my orientation schedule as of right now. I'll be 50/50 day/night and every 3rd weekend but that's all I know right now. What school?
  8. by   mrswrightnow
    Im at Gwynedd Mercy, which school did you graduate from?
  9. by   TeeRN2b
    Neumann university. I start orientation on Tuesday!
  10. by   mrswrightnow
    Congratulations!!!! I know you're going to do well! How was Neumann?
  11. by   TeeRN2b
    It was tough but the pass rate was high which kept up my motivation, these instructors knew what they were talking about and supported us. I passed with 75 questions in 75 minutes!
  12. by   mrswrightnow
    Wow! Our pass rate is not that high so I'm kid of nervous about it...I was actually looking into transferring to Neumann but I figured it would make more since to stay where I'm at
  13. by   TeeRN2b
    If you are almost done then stick it out and I highly suggest getting uworld to study for the nclex. It's great!!!