Anyone work in a Doctors Walk in Clinic? r/o

  1. How do you like it? Is the pay fairly good and how are the benefits? Thinking about working there but not to sure. Live in Florida, thanks
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  3. by   Roseyposey
    I have a part-time job in an urgent care clinic; I've worked there about 16 months. I really enjoy it, but I have to admit I do become a little tired of the endless supply of people with the sniffles. The majority of the work is colds, sore throats, physicals, UTI's, that type of stuff. We do get more serious problems too - chest pain, lacerations, broken bones - that's the stuff I love. The pay isn't great compared to the hospital, which is why I only work there part-time/prn. However, the clinic I work in has great providers who really treat the nurses well, and it's fun to use a totally different skill set than I use at the hospital.