Anyone know of LPN to RN programs???

  1. I was in a BSN program and completed 2 years plus 1 year of my LPN. Been practicing as LPN for 8 years. I was trying to go back to school for ASN as I only lack Micro and my advanced Nursing classes for my ASN. But my local Tech School is...well...let's put it nicely, STINKS! They told 5 of us LPNS who wanted in that the class was full and then we found out that the class was cancelled for "lack of intrest"???? And if someone says they want to go into nursing, they put them in the LPN program instead of the ASN program????? I was looking at online courses as most of the class time I will not be able to commit to a regular college path. I was looking at an online degree. Phoenix does not offer it in my area and I am not interested in RUE when I found out some of the info about the clinicals and talked to 2 nurses in my area who went through it. Both of them said they would not recommend RUE. I was hoping to do DIstance Ed (ie Online courses). I took an online Psych class with my local Tech school and loved the freedom from going to class on a regular basis with having a full time job in Cardiology and a family with a busy life style. Studing on my own time would be best for me. And the online course worked well for me. Anyone know of any that they would take if they were in my position? :hatparty:
    Thank you!
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