Anyone here make the festival circuit?

  1. Veering away from the professional topics for a moment:

    One of my personal favorite things to do is plan a trip around a music festival. I have a destination and wonderful music when I get there and usually the trips are not exsessively pricey. I've been to Winnipeg twice, LaCrosse WI once and this will be my fourth year in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival.

    I'm looking forward to a long weekend of great music, hanging out with festival friends and maybe some dancing on the mountainside. It will be a wonderful break after completing school, passing boards and starting a new job. This will be my first year at RMFF that I will be able to stay for the last song. I've had to leave early these last years so I could be home in time to start school on the next Monday.

    There are other festivals I'd like to attend someday- Philadelphia, Calgary, the Woody Guthrie Festival in Oklahoma. Maybe Kerrville in Texas. Back to Winnipeg.

    If anyone here's gonna be at RMFF in August, I'd love to meet up with you.
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