Anybody else using the Plaintree model?

  1. At my hospital, they are looking for things to "set them apart" from our competitor. Now they are considering hiring what sounds like a consulting company (planetree) who redesigns the building, makes suggestions like aromatherapy and massages, just lots of things to make the hospital experience more enjoyable for the pt. Do any of you guys have any experience with this company or one like it? Do you like it? Did they "overstep their bounds" as far as influencing how you provide your care? THanks for any input
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  3. by   jacolaur
    However, where will the financing for this new innovated idea come from? If they want to set themselves apart, how about using the millions of dollars they will use to research and implement this crazy idea and hire more nurses, increase your pay, bring in increased educational programs, inservices to refresh and rejuvinate their staff( a message at lunch sounds pretty good), etc, etc, etc, and become a stand out hospital that is able to provide the best damn nursing care in the county. Dr's will want to send there pt's there, patients will request to be sent there, and everybody will be happier. Sometimes I think CEO'S, COO's, and the Board of Trustee's have their heads in the wrong place, they should pull them out of their buttocks and take a long look at what the real problem is. It's the easiest one to fix....whew ...ok... I feel better now, I'll retract my horns and get ready to go run my arse off....
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    Sorry, I was so energized up in the last post I meant a "massage" at lunch I get enough messages at lunch, if I even get lunch.... ok, now I feel better.
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    Originally posted by jacolaur
    Sorry, I was so energized up in the last post I meant a "massage" at lunch I get enough messages at lunch, if I even get lunch.... ok, now I feel better.
    Dont take me wrong please that post just cracked me up...LMAO...I too would prefer a "massage" over another message. Hye a lunch would be GREAT!!!!!:roll
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    I like your ideas, Jacolaur!!
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    Hi everyone, I'm new here, also new to nursing school, guess the only thing old about me is my age, really a late blooomer a 53 but guess it's better than not blooming at all!! Anyway I am glad to have found this site, need all the support and advise you all give. I'm grateful to hear so many of you talk about the lack of lunch breaks today. As student nurses our group thought our instructors were being unfair when we worked our clinicals with no breaks and often no lunch, guess it really is welcome to your new world folks ! Anyway thanks for turning the light on, I'll find it easier to handle the no breaks, no lunch days now. :imbar
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    Welcome, Babe! Hey, just remember just because you can't always take a lunch, doesn't mean your instructors shouldn't plan a break for you! Especially when you're in school and the care of the pts is actually on the nurse responsible for the pt!! Glad you're here and welcome again. Best wishes in your schooling!
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    I am so happy you makes my day when I can maybe put a little smile upon a face besides, laughing "is a good thing" if you don't mind me using the words of Martha Stewart...ohh.... uhhh.... look where is a good thing got her, oh well, happy nursing...bye
  10. by   CTRN1
    I work per-diem at a hospital that uses the plaintree model. It is a wonderful place, patients and employees love it. It truely is unique and makes a difference in patient care. This hospital has also been listed as a top 100 employer several years running in the the nation which i am sure is due mostly to their model of care.
  11. by   christianRN
    Thanks for posting, CTRN1. Some of the bigshots from my hosp went to visit a hosp in CT that was using this model - probably the one you work at! What makes it unique?