Any Vegas RNs....HELP!

  1. Hello nurses!

    I am a native Las Vegan (?) and now live in Texas. I have a brother who needs a great pain management doc. I need your local knowledge!

    He is not looking for someone just handing out narcs because it's easy. We want someone who is using different modalities, does interventional low-invasive procedures, stays up to date, board certified, etc...

    BASICALLY...someone awesome you'd send your mom to.

    Any names you've heard around, or even been treated by? (It's a back issue, so I know some nurse has Anyone you can ask? I've been out of the area for 12 years so I don't have "juice" like I used to in Las Vegas. I'm trying from Texas, but I really could use your point of view.

    I told him it's time to build a strong team. A good pain doc is a start. I told him he/she might not fix everything, but there are many procedures, therapies, and newer medication combinations to try.

    He is double insured, both PPOs, and is financially comfortable so I doubt that's a problem.

    So....PLEASE help if you can. Including DON'T GO to this doc info. feel free to IM if you prefer.

    He's pretty desperate. Thanks for helping.
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