Any PST Trainers for an IDTF here????

  1. hi everyone!

    i'm a pst trainer from missouri. i work for 1 of the 4 idtf's in the country. i'm trying to connect with other trainers from all over the nation to compare stories, training tips, ideas and general networking on anticoagulation.

    if you deal with patients taking coumadin (warfarin) and want to test at home, i've been training on the coaguchek xs roche meter. the market is booming since cms expanded coverage to atrial fib, pe and dvt.

    i hope to make some new friend here!
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  3. by   nminodob
    OMG IMHO you should use fewer acronyms
  4. by   kcnurse2003
    Oh my, I'm sorry.....

    PST=Patient Self Tester
    IDTF=Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility

    Hope that helps!
  5. by   blebs
    Hee hee, I'm a PST and PSD, but I no longer participate in IDTF. FREEDOM at last!
  6. by   HollyBerryRN
    I currently work as a PST RN trainer as a side job. Do you still do this? I notice your post is from last year. I LOVE this job. What company do you work for?
  7. by   LMALACKI3
    I would be very interested in how to start a IDTF in my area. Can't believe there are only 4!!!
  8. by   LMALACKI3
    How did you become "finally free?" I m so interested in this.