Any problems downloading trial softwares into your T5?

  1. Hi there,

    I would like to know if anyone out there having problems downloading free trial nursing softwares ( like Davis's drugs, Tabers, 5minCC, Netter's Anatomy,etc)into your T5? I'm new to the PDA.
    As I was in the midst of downloading, it suddenly gave this FATAL ERROR message:

    Emul 68K main. c, Line.403,
    illegal instruction 000B
    at address 00A7979D.

    I did a reset and the next thing I knew was the whole status bar was gone ( items in the status bar are the menu, system info, screen rotation and input etc) !!! I couldn't even do the scrolling up & down function as well.

    What is your solution to these problems? I do a hard reset as well but is in vain
    It fails to get back the status bar. If the problems still exist, I have to bring back to do an one-to-one exchange ( still under the warranty coverage).

    My next question is: How would you know those nursing softwares you are about to download are safe and compatible to T5 version?
    And do you have any problems downloading those trial softwares? What are the precautions I should take note of when downloading to prevent the crash of the system?

    Thank you for your time reading it and I hope to get some help from anyone out there.

    Best regards
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