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I was thinking about it today. My DH and i are both RN's, we actually met on the job as LVN's, and went to RN school together. We were thinking of writing an article about married couples attending... Read More

  1. by   Eric01
    My faincee and I met in first year of our four year program. Our first date was watching videos about vital signs. When they showed temperature, they showed all routes...a little more graphically than we had expected. How romantic. We got engaged the summer after second year, and will be married July after our third year (2003). We're both really excited. To the best of anyone's recollection, we will be the first couple to have been engaged and married while in the program at UNB.
    We both enjoy knowing about the same topics, though we do need to watch our conversations. My mother is a nurse, so she's ok. Her sister is a nurse, so she's ok. Her brother-in-law, on the other hand cannot talk about anything nursing related AT ALL. He's a little too squemish. Fun to torment, though. One time when we were talking in the cafeteria at school, we cleared the tables around us with our conversation.:roll
    We both have different interests post-graduation: she's thinking OR or PACU, I'm thinking ER, something of that sort. We'll see. Going to be interesting finding out together. Kinda nice because it gives us so many opportunities together. We are both so portable.
    We both worked in different nursing homes over the summer, but it was nice to compare stories. Especially on those sh***y (literally) days.
  2. by   christianRN
    I'm an RN, my hubby is an LPN. He's in medical sales, I work ICU. We know so many of the same people, and we understand and are very interested in each other's jobs. I can't imagine having it any other way.
  3. by   toronto rn
    My husband and I are both RN's, who met in nursing school and eventually got married. He is in ER and I am in ICU. With 2 kids it's a struggle to sort out shifts and manage to have time off together. We don't tend to engage in too much shop talk at home. Although it is good to have someone who can understand the technical side of work and compare notes. 12h shifts are killers for babysitting. It's hard to find someone to cover the shift overlap if he is on days and i'm on nights. So far neither of the kids want to follow in our footsteps.