Any LTC charge nurse advice?

  1. I am currently doing agency nursing,a local agency that staffs hospitals and LTC facilities.
    As I only recently left(in September) my hospital job,I am having trouble,well,sometimes,being the one "in charge".
    I have really only had trouble at one nursing home,on the evening and the night shifts.The aides just dont seem motivated to work.And,many of them,I wonder why they are in this job at all.No compassion,no warmth at all towards the residents.
    My problem is,how can I be a better charge nurse?I feel bad about going behind them and checking everything they do,to make sure it gets done,but that is what I have begun doing,because I just dont trust them(not all of them) to get it done.
    The other night,I had to remind them to do rounds at 8:30 pm.I probably should have written them up for it,but I didnt feel it was neccesary,as they did the rounds and checked everyone they were supposed to.
    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!Thanks!!

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  3. by   Agnus
    DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT CHECKING TO SEE THAT THE AIDS HAVE DONE THEIR JOB. If they know that you check you will get results. They may not like it, but your job is to see patients are cared for properly not to win popularity with the aids. You will have their respect though. I have worked as a CNA, LPN, and RN. I have never objected to having my work checked. In fact as an aide I LIKED having it checked as I was proud of what I did and wanted my nurses to know I did a good job.
    You say that you are agency, it could be they are trying to take advantage of you (like the substitute teacher in high school who doesn't have a clue), By demanding they do their work you show them that you are on the ball. Keep up the good work.
  4. by   crispix
    Yes,I think thats EXACTLY what they are doing.And,I did make the mistake of being a bit leneient with the night staff my first few times at this certain home,so I may have been branded as "one who doesnt have a clue"
    But,I have one now...LOL
  5. by   aimeee
    I know what you mean about working with unmotivated staff and its a real pain. They will test you bigtime. Just be fair, lay out exactly what you expect from them ahead of time so they can't claim they didn't understand their duties.

    I always give people the benefit of the doubt and I really hate writing people up so I have to have proof. I've made up charts and done quick rounds to see what position folks were in, then made another two hours later to document who had been turned and who hadn't. Once they see you are doing this, they know you're watching and they start doing their work on their own. You usually don't get to the point of having to do write ups.

    If I have regular shirkers I know are lying to me and I want to catch them I have marked diapers with the time I found them wet with permanent ink. I get another nurse to witness this. Then I go back later when is it way past the reasonable time to expect them to have been changed and document the time again with a watch and a polaroid picture. I HATE to do this. But it works great. They can't weasel out of it or say it was unfair.

    The bad aides will hate you, but they will respect you. And the good ones will appreciate you because they know you are aware that they ARE doing their job and not letting the bad ones get away with shirking.
  6. by   crispix
    Thanks for the advice,I will keep it in mind,and a permanent marker in my pocket next evening shift!