Any Canadians out there???

  1. I'm just curious how the nursing situation is in Canada right now. I know there are alot of changes going on and the shortage is starting but what is work really like up there. I'm an ICU nurse who wants to go back and work full time (for personal and professional reasons). Can anyone out there give me some insight into what to expect? Working conditions? Pay?
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  3. by   snickers
    I'm a Canadian nurse, in British Columbia.
    The healthcare conditions all cross Canada, are deteriorating at a rapid rate. There are line-ups in all the EOR wards all across Canada, People are discharged early, only to return a few days later., the waiting lists are becoming longer and longer, people are being transferred to the U>S> to have procedures done.(chemotherapy)(CABG) Thepast few sets of shifts I've worked, there have been no beds anywhere in the province(people were being flown to Alberta) The premier of Alberta has introduced private health care..
    There is a major nursing shortage all across Canada...All nursing schools have stopped the diploma programme, you must get your degree...4 years at university..who will pay 40,000 for their RN? Not many.
    There are jobs everywhere. Some will pay for travel to wok with them.
    There were jobs at St. Pauls, Vancouver hospital, anywhere you want to go you'll get a job.
    The rate of pay here is 20 as a new grad...up to 25.98/hr for >6 years, Of course all the provinces are you get all your benefits. I think r.N.'s in Ontario are making 32.00 an hour.
    Anyway I could go on and on...ifyou vave specific questions don"t hesitate ...

  4. by   RNkat
    Thanks for the info. It's what I thought. But I still want to go back. Actually, BC is where I want to go. I have a phone interview with St. Pauls on monday. Right now I'm in Seattle and it's pretty good here compared to Texas (where I was for 2 years). I look forward to hearing more from you. YOu can e-mail me if you like.