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  1. Just finished reading through most of the ghost story thread. Scary stuff!! How many of you have an Angel story to share? Let me tell you mine:

    Harry was in our unit receiving chemo for leukemia. He'd been through the induction phase and was waiting to be transferred to a step down unit. If I remember right, he was in his late 50's. It was a Sunday afternoon and he was waiting (hoping) that his estranged sister would come see him that day. I was hanging an antibiotic piggyback and when I started to turn around to leave the room I saw out of the corner of my eye that his sister had somehow gotten into the room without me hearing her. She was about 35, short brownish-blond hair, white jacket and pants, glasses, and had a pleasant although neutral expression on her face. The trouble is that when I turned to completely face her she vanished and the chair she was setting in had nothing but a couple of folded up bath blankets in it! Now I could link her to my expectancy about seeing Harry's sister, but the image is so strong of her appearance that I am sure I would recognize her again and it's been at least 8 years since this has happened.

    Another incident in the same room even earlier was a patient who was dying would never lay down on his bed. He would sit, but not recline. Finally we asked why and he said that he, "didn't want to disturb the angel who has been sitting at the foot of my bed." This patient died a few days later, but it was an "OK" death.

    Does anyone else have a story to share?
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