Anatomy of a Code - page 5

You're standing at your computer, charting on your patients. The end of the shift is nearing, and you really want to get this done so that you can get home. As you are typing, you hear a loud... Read More

  1. by   Richard Wolfe
    Quote from emtpbill
    Now imagine all of this being done by you alone. With an earthquake rocking the room back and forth, now you know what it's like to be a medic working a code in the back of a moving ambulance.

    Great story though. Well written!
    First of all, you seem to be a little full of yourself. Secondly, you guys rock. I always tell my child that if I'm in a hospital that I want a nurse taking care of me. If I'm in the field, then keep that hospital nurse away from me and make sure an EMT or paramedic saves my life.
  2. by   Pagesen