Am I the only one annoyed by these PCA orders? - page 2

So, working in ICU, I never had anyone on a PCA pump w/ demand dosing since most of my patients are not with it enough to use the button so we just have them on continuous infusions. So I finally had... Read More

  1. by   DookieMeisterRN
    We've always been able to titrate pca's from 0.2-0.8 Q 10 minutes without a lockout, if they're getting too sedated we can turn down the demand dose and we rarely have a continuous rate running. For our opiate tolerant folks we have a different order set with higher rates and higher concentration.
    In one hospital I worked we didn't have high concentration syringes and it was a PITA. I had one pt that I changed the pca syringe (6 ml of dilaudid) 6 times in 12 hrs.
    If I had an oncology pt whose pain wasn't being managed appropriately I would probably ask my NM or house supervisor to intervene and speak with the MD, put a little pressure on him to do right by his patient....or call a rapid response.