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Hi all, I'm so upset right now, just get off work. Here the situation: My patient was admitted yesterday with possible TIA, she was confused yesterday however she is very alert and oriented. ... Read More

  1. by   Mijourney
    Hi Bao vn. In my opinion, legal concerns can complicate the devil out of patient care when you're involved in an urgent or emergent situation. Your post indicates that you had no malicious intent towards your patient and was doing what you felt was important for the patient at the time and what the doctor ordered. I do agree with previous posters who have brought up the subject of advance directives and informed consent. In this day and age, just about everything done to the patient has to be consented to in writing.

    I agree that notifying the emergency contact for a patient when a procedure is to be done, however so minor is important for cya. You did what you knew to be best for the patient. Just make sure that you have documented thoroughly.