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I need some advice. I have two job offers, very similar: same # of hours, benefits, etc., except one pays $1 more per hour. That extra pay is significant to me due to my current situation. I think I... Read More

  1. by   rn undisclosed name
    There is usually a range of pay that they offer you. For example, $20-$25 per hour for x amount of experience. I am also at a place now where we don't always have as many openings as other hospitals and our turnover is not that great (at least not in my department). I see a lot of other hospitals that have 10 or more openings in just one department. That is crazy. When I took my current job it was actually the lowest salary and I could not imagine working at some of those other hospitals that give you insane patient loads. I agree with other people who say it is more than the salary they offer you.
    I agree no harm in asking for more money they can only say no... But as you mention, atmosphere is also important. I would rather take a better working environment any day over more money.
  3. by   tonypeggy
    Hello, everyone. Just to update you on my decision to ask for more $, what I actually decided to do was to accept the job offer at the higher salaried facility. As it turned out, (these are both nursing homes) the place with the lower salary wanted me to work two 12-hour shifts/week in one unit of the nursing home, and two 8-hour shifts at another unit of the same nursing home. I just didn't think I was ready to take on that much diversity in patient care at this time, so I accepted the other (higher salary) position which was a straight 5-8's per week, and same patients. Both were night postions, which I requested. The lady at the lower salaried position assured me that, should I change my mind down the road, PLEASE feel free to call her back.

    Sheesh, I can sure struggle my way through making decisions. I am so thankful for all of you who help me along.
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