allnurses appreciation post

  1. I really enjoy this board. It's wonderful to come to a nurses's board that is full of support, education, and solid advice -- all by fellow nurses. Some of the questions really make me think -- and are such a great review of my nursing practice -- at times I even have to do some review/research. It's a great way to share advice. It's also interesting to learn of the similarities we face in health care -- regardless of where we practice. I'm rambling ... I'm tired ... but just want you to know that I think allnurses should grant CEUs!

    Good luck and God bless you all.
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  3. by   jnette
    I agree wholeheartedly .

    I have learned a LOT here from everybody. Add to that the relevant input from jt and NurseKaren to boot... great stuff !
  4. by   Scotty
    It's the best site on the web for nurses.
  5. by   Zee_RN
    Yes, I want to post my appreciation too! I've been coming here for quite some time and love the interaction and education I get here.

    Great bunch of nurses! Thank you, Brian and all the moderators for your hard work in keeping this site up and running! Your dedication and commitment are truly appreciated.
  6. by   altomga
    I have to agree with all the posts...I come here to learn new things, (can never know enough, vent my frustrations, and just read what other nurses are talking about. It makes me feel that we are all going through the samethings, even thousand of miles apart....
    My husband thinks I am addicted....hmmmmmm...probably...
    You all do a great job...and to all the members...THANKS!
  7. by   yannadey
    yes indeed this is the best online site for nurses.
  8. by   live4today
    I agree wholeheartedly with everyone's thoughts above. is still the best online nursing site that I have come across to date, and I truly enjoy the learning atmosphere here, the caring and sharing that we do with one another, and the wonderful supportive staff of Allnurses (Brian and all moderators).

    Standing ovation to you all! :kiss

    Have a beautiful day everyone!
  9. by   Rapheal
    I have learned so much from all the members. This site and the people who contribute their opinions, knowledge, and experiences rock!!!!!!
  10. by   karenG
    well- I feel at home here! so glad I found this site!!

  11. by   pickledpepperRN
    Best site for nurses of all areas of nursing and all locations.
  12. by   gwenith
    Excellent site and a wonderful supportative community here. It amazes me how quickly the member rally to each others aid.

    I also believe that this site may have an impact on the profession of nursing in unexpected ways. One of the more obvious to me is the sharign of information ACROSS disciplines. Witness the responses to threads on difficult patients where nurses form ED, general, OB and Psych have all contributed answers. This can only generate new bodies of knowledge.

    I would not be surprised to find Masters and Doctorate students lurking here writing papers such as "A phenomenological review of nurses coping strategies in relation to behavioural problems".

    There are many aspects of nursing which are either not researched or poorly researched and recommendations for evidence based practice have had to come from expert opinion. Here we have a forum where this can occur without the finger pointing of "you should KNOW that." Although the answers generated here do not have the (scientific) validity of say the Joanna Briggs Institute of Evidence Based Practice but on the other hand it allows us to ask ANY question and explore the boundaries of nursing knowledge.
  13. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I love this site. It is such a supportive, educational place and I love coming here to relax! Thanks to everyone for being so caring and always willing to answer my random questions!!!
  14. by   mert
    I must say that I really enjoy this site. The support that is given to each other is truly wonderful. There are many things to be learned from all who post.