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I swear I'm going nuts - on my pharm test we had two questions that I've researched everywhere and continue to find the answers I have, which the professor tells the class are not correct. Can I... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    Opps! I did not see that you already posted the answer when I posted my reply. Oh well it is good to see that my instincts were on tract.

    You said that you do not understand why predicting results was the correct answer. It is, I believe because perscribing is really relatively simple and routine. As is selecting a drug and adminsitration.
    We know which drugs can be given for certain things,
    and we know what dosage is usual.
    Admisistering is following basic steps (largely a mechanical process) However, because of individual differences we can not for sure know what a particular drug will do inside a particular body at a given point in time. This is just too unpredictable.

    Certainly errors can and do occure at any point but they can be controlled and even prevented when administering, perscribing or selecting a drug by double checking and following the proper steps.
    However, it does not matter how many times or how carefully you check what a drug is suposed to do or the expected side effects you do not know for sure what it will do in this patient.