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Hello everyone. After lurking for a really long time, I decided to jump on in. I've been a nurse for 8 years and I'm getting ready to leave on my first travel assignment. Well actually my second, but... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    P.S. LOVE your sig line !!! whooooooooooot !!!
  2. by   grumpynurse
    OH, you are the other nurse crazy enough to love Dialysis. Someone told me there was one more besides me:chuckle
  3. by   Loving Life
    Grumpy I am so with you. I have worked 15 years as a pediatric nurse. Most of it has been on the heme-onc BMT floor. I love working with children, but when I get my BSN next month I am on to something else. Alot of the reason I am leaving are people's attitudes. I plan on writing something to my fellow nurses on how attitudes can make or break someone. No one needs to come to work everyday and hear negative attitudes. If you are unhappy, you get out. That is what I am doing. I feel like I can not go in one more day. I need a new stress and a new set of people. I would love to do school nursing where there is more autonomy. Good luck. I do agree with the above that you may want to stick close to home for family life tho.
  4. by   Shed13911
    Wow, I agree that you have a gift of words. You have put things so perfectly that it would be hard not to understand where you are coming from. I too have felt what you have and wanted to bolt at times. It is a very rewarding job as well as it can be chaotic all on the same shift.

    I hope you find some peace in your travels and your heart heals. We need more caring nurses to stand with us so that the patients know that they have the best caring for them!! Good luck to you, and happy trails to you!!
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