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  1. Hello All!
    This is my first time using this forum as Iam looking for a little guidence. Nursing is something I have always wanted to do since I was fourteen years old. I seem to have an aptitude for the job. I originally trained as a medical assistant, but could not find a job. So I am working as a home health aide, a job I don't like because I don't get to use any of the things I learned as a MA.
    Iam due to begin training as a CNA and hopefully this will lead me to RN. What I'm concerned about is age discrimination. This, as we all know, is illegal, but somehow prospective employers get away with it. On one interview I went to, a woman actually asked my age. I am 45 years old, but I don't think that should stop me. I have been discouraged nearly everywhere I went for a job. I knew what they were doing, but if I make an acusation, the burden of proof is on me. I put the experience behind me, but I still think in the back of my mind that I may end up studying my a** off for nothing. I'm determined, but still a little insecure around the edges. A few kind words would help, but please be honest. I can take it.
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