advocating for your patient versus being friends with all your coworkers

  1. hi everyone. i am a new graduate latino RN. I wonder if you all went through the r;ude awaking during your trancision from student to RN. I started a few months ago in a cardiac unit. i wanted and still want everything perfect to my patients or at least to try only my very best. did you? well, i left first job after a few weeks of terrible "orientation" with no goals, order, ethics and so on. i am at my new job only for two weeks and i love it. any way at the other place i met a "lazy" male nurse assistent who i constantly found hidding in the patients room watching the games using a confussed pt's remote and tv once my pt's iv was beeping and i found him hidding behind the cortain pulling the cord of the remote and the iv tubing to the point that the machine beeped and said "ocluded" he did not care and kept watchig tv. later we had to start a new iv on my lady 82 year old on top of the fact that her arms wher filled with echimosis from so many previous attempts to start ivs on her fragile arm. when i started mentioning this to my "preceptor" she got disturbed and changed the subject. i feel that every pt is my mom or dad or child and this incident is unconceivable . what do you think? thank you. monica
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