Advice on Excelsior A&P or Micro please

  1. I'm starting back to school in the Fall and would love some advice on exams through Excelsior! I must take A&P and Micro in the next 5 months. For those who have experience with this program, how long did you need to study to feel proficient? Did you buy Excelsior course guides and were they helpful? I already have textbooks and the free content guide but it would be nice to narrow down the information I need to know a little more. I am not enrolling in Excelsior's nursing program, I just need to pass these two exams to enroll in a local nursing program. All advice appreciated! Thank you.

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  3. by   smiling_ru
    The only things you should need are the content guide and an appropriate text. Just study what the content guide tells you too, if it is not in that guide it won't be on the test. If it is, it will definately be on the test.
  4. by   back2school
    Thank you for the advice! It will save me some $$$. The schools make you feel as if you need lots of extra guides.