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  1. Hi Guys - I passed my boards about a month ago (excited to have my "license to learn"!) and I am interviewing for my first job. I recently shadowed on different units and found that I really loved the Medical Step Down Unit . I was wondering if anyone could give me advice for my interview - I really want to work there but I am nervous about the interview. I took a year off after graduating and I am worried that it will look bad that I didn't work in health care (honestly glad I did though - I NEEDED time after nursing school to regain my sense of humor, move, and spend time with my new hubbie). Is there any advice you can give me on initial interviews? Is a step-down unit a bad place to start for someone who has been out of the loop for a little while? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Applying at a hospital is usually a computer/on-line thing, or other impersonal, beginning. But for CNA, hospitals are in need. I applied to all the hospitals at once, which was a stupid thing, because all calls for interviews came at once, it seemed. I couldn't look around. So, if you want any job, allow 2-4,5 weeks to get to an actual interview/face-to-face.

    Reading this board has me smelling like FEAR for when I work in the hospital with nurses. Why not mase nurses who are eating on the young? That would be some picture...a nurse masing another nurse with a caption that talked about eating young :-)
  4. by   leeriza
    Don't be that nervous. Be yourself and be honest. Some employers ask just personal simple questions. Others, ask medically related situational questions like drug calculations, ethics, case scenarios, or nursing management. Just review or remember all you have learned at school. If you don't know the answer, be honest. If you want to know common questions asked during interview, borrow any nursing management book at the library or search the web. Goodluck for your interview!
    And remember, you have the chance to ask questions too at the end of their interview.
    If I were you, go with your plan in applying job at the hospital. The experience you will get now will be very useful for tomorrow.