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  1. I just wanted to share some advice with other student nurses. First go to class, be sure you understand the material, get all your questions answered, . Utilize the lab and all of its equipment and practice, practice, practice your skills. Get assistance as you need it. Get involved with the nursing club, talk to other students, and second level to get their input. If your program offers it, get a mentor, a second level student that has been there. They can't do the work for you, but can give you advice and new ideas of how to do things and how best to be successful in the clinical setting. If the teacher has review sessions by all means go to them. Be open with your instructors. Do your nclex questions as they will help you on your exams. Try to get a job as an aide, this will be helpful especially when starting out. It will teach you people skills, how to do vitals, and simple tasks that are usually covered in fundamentals not to mention time management. Be on time, pay attention during all group discussions and conferances. Make sure you know all lab values relating to medications and details about insulin. It's a common medication unfortunately that must be handled with care. And if you don't make it through the program it does not mean your stupid or that your a failure, many factors play into a person's success. It just might not be the right time in their lives, they're not prepared for the stress, or they've never had previous experience in the field as was the case with me. But I'm not giving up and neither should any of you if you're trying to be an RN and just don't make it the first time around. There are other fields as I will be exploring and maybe lpn school could be an option too. That's all I have to say now.
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    I would add that study groups are invaluable to learning. You'd be surprised how much you learn from others teaching from their notes. More than a few times I thought I had a concept down until someone else gave their opinion or research on the topic. I learned so much from my group. We became inseparable by the time it was all over. Plus it gives you someone to share the pain with that understands.