Advice for interview for CNA position on Cardiac

  1. Hi All,

    I'm a student nurse who just got two calls about an interview for a dream job of mine, working as a care aid (hospital doesn't actually require CNA, but I'm in the process of getting one) on the Cardiac Unit. I've been volunteering there for about 6 months, and I love it there. I'm very concerned that I may have missed my chance because I missed the phone calls twice for the interview - I'm in an all day CNA training class and my stupid cell didn't alert me to my messages. But if I do still have a chance, I'd like to do well with this interview, so I wanted to ask everyone here for their advice. I've never had a serious interview for a serious hospital position like this before, so I feel a little concerned. I have the perfect outfit picked out, I'm just wondering what to say lol Will they ask me any questions pertaining to the unit itself, or technical info about the position or the hospital. What can I expect? What can I say to make myself stand out as the best candidate? Do I still have a chance, given I missed their calls twice?
    Thanks for all thoughts!
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  3. by   JDZ344
    If you have been working there as a volunteer for 6 months, I say you have an EXCELENT chance of gettiung the job! Try not to worry too much about the 'phone calls; they called you back twice, right? That's a good sign

    No advice about the interview, as each one is different Good luck! Let us know how you get on.
  4. by   CNL2B
    You should try to act like you want to work in that care area (cardiac) as opposed to others (and hopefully, you do.) Think up some reasons why that interests you (hopefully, it does.) They will probably ask you that. After I finished my BS and had been admitted to my ADN program, I started interviewing for hospital patient care tech jobs. I had this interview on an oncology unit --- and ha ha (this is hilarious looking back on it) --- I didn't even know what "oncology" meant. I'm like....oh crap. LOL! I didn't get that job.

    I got a job a few weeks later on a med-surg floor, which was a much better fit for me and am thankful my first hospital job wasn't oncology anyway, but still. It pays to do your homework.
  5. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Thank you KatieP86 - I appreciate the support!

    MissBecky2006 - I do think I can convey how much i want to work in cardiac esp. since its been a big dream of mine ever since i started volunteering there. I agree about needing to do my homework - thats the main reason I posted here - i was hoping that some cardiac nurses could maybe give me some insight on what to have knowledge on for an interview like this. Thanks for your advice!