Admirability of Nursing; The Gallup Poll and nursing response

  1. Since 1999 the "Gallup Poll for Honesty and Ethics" has included nursing [it previously did not] in the list of professions ranked for perception of those qualities. In 1999 , the first year for nursing's inclusion, nurses ranked top of the list. In 1999 and each year since, [minus 2001, when firefighters ranked first and nurses second -a reflection of the events of 911] , nurses have ranked first among respondents as holding High or Very High standards of honesty and ethics.
    While this poll reveals a high esteem for our profession and its members among the respondents to the poll, many nurses feel that they are not esteemed.
    What, in your opinion, causes the fracture between the perception of nursing as a highly regarded profession held in high esteem evidenced by the poll, and the work experience of the nurse contributing to the professions shortage and so, demise?
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