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    I just read from this URl

    That addiction treatments are not long enough to be effective. As a nurse i know we are in a high stress, high achievers, and high risk group for addictive behaviors to surface and take over a life, as they do with cocaine addiction. In the article about a study (oh I love to read abstracts abd full text copies), that and I quote "This study emphasizes the importance of treatment that is intensive enough and long enough to deal with heightened craving, and it points out the fallacy of many managed-care programs that don't permit patients to be in treatment long enough to get help with this."

    Grimm agreed. "In terms of implications for treatment, if someone goes into treatment for two months and comes out, they might be coming out when they are most sensitive to drug cues."

    Hum how long is long enough? Treatment/Recovery is a lifelong process, right! Then when is in patient treatment completed to be effective? I have not seen any stats out there that imply we have a clue. Do you have your own thoughts on the subject? Please take my poll for a short answer and respond for a full text explanation!
  2. Poll: When is in patient treatment's duration effective enough to support a active recovery

    • Not a clue!

      25.00% 2
    • 2 months in patient

      12.50% 1
    • 3 months to 6 months intensive

      12.50% 1
    • A year program with work/study monitoring!

      37.50% 3
    • Not shown as an option posted in a post!

      12.50% 1
    8 Votes
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