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I'm a BSN student going into my final year (starting this Fall). I've passed all my Med/Surg courses, pharmacology, etc. with A's (and a B in advanced med/surg). I don't have anything... Read More

  1. by   NursingStudent10
    Great question, I just started considering looking into this as well. I just finished my first year in an ADN program, and wanted to do all I could to become more marketable. With everything people have been saying about being not being able to find a job as a RN and not having any previous medical experience, I feel that I really need to get my ACLS. I can understand where everyone else is coming from, I'd love a summer break. But I personally think we'll be kicking ourselves when we can't find a job after we graduate. If you can afford the course, then I say do it! At least you know you've done everything you can to better yourself. You still have to recertify for ACLS, so I don't know why getting it early would be negative in any way. You might not get as much out it initally as others already on the floors, but you will eventually and have that background to start with.
  2. by   SoundofMusic
    I took it about six months into the job, and found it invaluable. I wish I'd taken it before, but the truth is, I would have had absolute nothing to apply it to.

    I was scary, though, to work on the floor without it. After having it taken it, my confidence level and ability to handle situations went up 200%. I advise it for anyone, especially on a tele floor. If they dont pay for it, pay to go through it yourself.