Accurate labs???

  1. Here's my question:

    a pt has fluids (let's say, NS @ 80 cc/hr) going into a central or PICC line.

    RNs on this unit can draw blood from either of the above lines. If the blood is being drawn to check hgb and hct, will the continuous fluids "dilute" the blood and skew results? Would it be more accurate to get the blood via a peripheral stick?

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  3. by   gaulkari
    All you would have to do even if it was D5LR would be to stop the fluids and draw off the first tube and discard it. PICC and central lines have the tip of the catheter placed in the SVC there is such a large volume of blood flow that the results wouldn't be compromised. Also when our pt's have central lines they don't often consent to peripheral draws, most of them prefer to avoid the pain.