Accuity based staffing

  1. We are a 600 bed hospital with 7 ICU's. We are currently redesigning our accuity based staffing model. Our current nurse patient ratio is @;1, at times 1:1. The accuity of our patients is very high. I would appreciate copies of accuity sheets from other hospitals to help with this task. Thank you for your help. email

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  3. by   CECRN
    We are a 103 bed hospital with one ICU of 8 beds. I also am interested in seeing a simple and unpadable acuity system. The old acuity system use to list IV, but with todays expectations of managed care, medicare, and medicaid, why would they be in the hospital without one? Your help would be very appreciated.
  4. by   Judi
    We are soon to become a Level II Traumaa Center and need a new acuity system, I have heard that the Department of Defense has an excellent one called the WMS (work management system)could some one E-mail me a copy. My address is
  5. by   Harleyguy
    We are a Level 1 Trauma center just recovering from "The K" and looking for updated accuity based staffing systems too. If you hear of any or find any links I would appreciated hearing about them. Thanks